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The "pain" of China's semiconductor industry: photoresist is always controlled by others

"if we compare the photoresist machine to a kitchen knife, then photoresist is like a dish to be cut. Without high-quality dishes, even with a sharp kitchen knife, we can't make a good dish." A few days ago, Zhang Yuxuan, the Technology Department of Jiangsu Boyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said in a science and technology interview

in the eyes of Nie Jun, Dean of the school of science of Beijing University of chemical technology, although China has become a major semiconductor producer in the world, the overall industrial chain of the panel industry is still relatively backward. At present, the upstream high-end electronic chemicals (photoresist for LCD) almost all rely on imports. We must speed up the basic research and industrialization process of key core materials in the panel industry in order to support the future development of China's microelectronics industry and the establishment of international "status"

color film without photoresist can not produce gorgeous pictures

the display is an important interface for human and machine communication. Photoresist is an important part of the whole lithography process and one of the microelectronic chemicals with the highest technical threshold in the world. It is mainly used in integrated circuits and flat panel displays. Such ceramic particles (bimolecular polyurethane materials) are composed of red and green colors. Lithography technology determines the integration of integrated circuits and leads the promotion and Realization of technology nodes

Zhang Yuxuan introduced that in our daily work and life, the reason why we can see colorful pictures from the display screen is that the thickness of the screen is only 2 μ m. A layer of color film accounting for 16% of the panel cost. However, the color of color film must be produced by photoresist

lcd is a non active light-emitting device. Its color display must be provided with light source by its own backlight system or external ambient light. It forms a gray-scale display through the driver and controller, and then uses color filters to generate red, green and blue primary colors, and forms a color display screen according to the color mixing principle

among them, photoresists can be divided into black, red, green and blue according to different colors. The production of color filter is to apply black photoresist to make black matrix on glass substrate, and then apply red, green and blue light. The maximum experimental force: 40kN photoresist to make three primary color pixels

the key to the research and development of photoresist lies in its complex composition and difficult to master the process technology. The main components of photoresist include polymer resin, color paste, monomer, photosensitive initiator, solvent and additive. There are many technical problems involved in the development, including the structural design and screening of oligomers, the determination and optimization of synthetic process, the screening and control of active monomers, the control and stability of color paste fineness, the design and optimization of product formula, the optimization and stability of product production process The final use condition matching and tolerance adjustment are adjusted. Therefore, it is very difficult to develop and produce independently

sunyousong, deputy general manager of Jiangsu hantuo optical materials Co., Ltd., told that China started late in the research and development of photoresist and began to pay attention to it after 2000. In recent years, although it has developed rapidly, it is still in its infancy as a whole. In fact, there is a big gap between the technological level and foreign enterprises, especially the cutting-edge materials and equipment are still dependent on imports

it is difficult to make breakthroughs in technology, Domestic enterprises are controlled by others

"There are many reasons for the gap with the international advanced level. In the past, because China began to plan and develop the integrated circuit industry, the layout was unreasonable and incomplete, especially the investment in production and processing, and the most important basic materials, equipment and application research were ignored. At present, the whole industry is strong in intermediate processing links, weak at both ends, and the core technology has been monopolized by tok, JSR, Sumitomo chemical, shinyue chemical and other Japanese enterprises Break. " Said lizhongqiang, the sales manager of Jiangsu Boyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

it is understood that the main technical indicators of photoresist include resolution, development time, number of foreign bodies, adhesion, impedance, etc. Every technical index is very important, and it can only be used after all the indexes are reached. Therefore, foreign enterprises have long blocked China in terms of formula, production technology and so on

in fact, China relies on its own exploration under the conditions of lack of experience, lack of professional and technical personnel, and lack of key upstream raw materials. In recent years, although there have been some breakthroughs in photoresist research and development, domestic photoresists still cannot be used. At present, the foreign impedance has reached more than 15 times, while the domestic enterprises can only achieve 10 times, which can not meet the customer's process requirements and the requirements for the rapid increase and upgrading of the development of Malaysian bauxite products. Although some processes meet the standards, the batch stability is not good

"after baking for many times, the 10th power photoresist cannot be applied to the latest generation of narrow frame, full screen and other high-end panels because it cannot meet the anti-static effect required by customers. However, in foreign countries, the 15th power photoresist has a good anti-static effect. This is still a problem in our photoresist material, formula and production process." Li Zhongqiang said

key indicators fail to meet the requirements, and domestic enterprises are always controlled by others. Take BOE, which has certain competitive strength in the world, for example. At present, 17 panel display production bases have been established, of which 16 have been put into production. However, the photoresist used by BOE for high-end panels is still provided by foreign enterprises

basic research still needs to be done, and the government should pay attention to encouraging the application of traction

because the system and mechanism are not straightened out, the colorful photoresist on the display screen is still the "pain" of China's semiconductor industry. How to break the blockade and monopoly of Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions

insiders believe that it is definitely not possible to follow the current "fight alone" R & D path. Relevant government departments should strengthen the supporting efforts of industrial policies. Starting from accelerating the improvement of the entire industrial chain, they should sort out the key core electronic chemicals that are missing in China and highly dependent on the industry. In view of the characteristics of electronic chemicals that are difficult to develop and require high testing equipment, they should organize and gather some advantageous enterprises and experts to form an industrial alliance, and the country should establish a production and application demonstration platform, Concentrate on breaking through some key technologies

Zongjian, chairman of Jiangsu Boyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that it is very difficult to truly realize the localization of photoresist. The biggest problem is the lack of raw materials for the production of photoresist in China, resulting in the immature carbon dispersion process of the currently developed products and the lack of carbon slurry materials. As the most important color paste for photoresist production, it still relies on Japan. If there is a problem with the previous process, scientific research and production cannot be guaranteed, and the localization of photoresist is far away. Therefore, we must make breakthroughs as soon as possible through the collaborative innovation of scientific research institutions and production enterprises

some experts suggested that although domestic photoresist cannot be used in high-end panels for the time being, the government should encourage domestic ordinary panel manufacturers to use it as soon as possible. Only in the application process can we find and solve problems, constantly improve the technology, process and product level, realize the localization of key electronic chemical materials in China, improve the industrial chain of integrated circuits in China, and meet the needs of the state and key industries

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