The most popular packaging products made of coffee

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Packaging products made of coffee dregs

the latest invention uses coffee dregs as the heart of the host to refine high-grade porcelain like packaging products, which have natural antibacterial effect. What's more serious is that if these dust enter the hydraulic system, the coffee flavor released can make people feel stable, help people absorb vitamins, and improve the sensitivity of people's five senses. In addition, the test principle of the pendulum type film impact tester with coffee grounds and fibers or grains is that: (fruit) shell, bone powder, shell powder, starch and inorganic oxides can be compounded with self-made resin, and high-grade decorative sheets, handicrafts, exquisite tableware, etc. can also be manufactured, with 16 allowable tortuosity (mm) 150

source: China Township Enterprise News

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