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Optimization design of packing box size based on logistics cost (Part 2)

3 development of optimization design software of packing box size based on logistics cost

according to many factors that should be considered in the previous packing box size design, we have made a more in-depth Study on the optimization design of packing box size with fixed volume, and developed the corresponding optimization design software of packing box size with VisualBasic. The software flow is shown in Figure 1. The software provides the selection of multiple optimization types of single factor (pallet or container is considered separately) and double factor (pallet and container are considered at the same time). As long as the volume value k of the corrugated box is input, whether it can only be placed upward, and whether to consider the bulging or deformation of five boxes, input the deformation coefficient, length width ratio constraints, width height ratio constraints, and then select the optimization type according to the actual transportation situation of the product, There are four types to choose from: first, according to the single factor optimization method, only consider the container or truck battalion, select or input the parameters of the container or truck carriage, and optimize and calculate the optimal uniform packing box size and volume ratio J; Second, when considering only pallets, select the pallet type standard) or input the pallet size (non-standard), and optimize the calculation to obtain the packing box size; At the same time, according to the two factor optimization method, sanmang considers two factors of pallet and container, and searches the optimization result considering two factors again from the two single factor optimization results. There is a priority problem in the tomb. According to the hope of foreign customers in combination with international popular colors, pallet elements are generally given priority; Fourth, we can also consider loading domestic products directly into pallets, and then blasting pallets into containers for transportation

4 Conclusion

improving the size design of packing cases can increase the loading capacity of pallets and containers, reduce transportation costs, reduce logistics costs, and enhance commodity competitiveness, which is of great practical significance. Of course, for the formulation of carton size standards and tray standards in the future, how high can the unified lifting device be raised; First class also has certain reference significance

information source: Packaging Engineering

Wang lingsong, Wang Dongai., Lizongmin

(1. Tianjin business school; 2. Hebei Qinglong County Transportation Bureau)

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