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In the past decade, the United States has made significant progress in packaging technology

in the past decade, the United States has encountered serious economic turmoil. Packaging suppliers hope to meet the changing needs of customers and meet the severe challenges from the global market through new technologies. Today, let's take stock of the changes that industry insiders believe have been made in the past decade in the U.S. packaging industry in this century, and predict its future development trend

environmental protection has become a hot spot

over the past decade, sustainable development has become the most popular environmental protection vocabulary, and packaging has also become a factor that people first think of in production and consumption. At present, the symbol of success of the concept of sustainable development has changed from cradle to cradle to cradle to grave. Wal Mart, a world-famous retailer, announced its sustainable development scorecard project at the packaging Expo held in November 2006. They can judge whether suppliers can meet their sustainable development goals through this project. P & G also launched its own Scorecard in 2010. In recent years, hot words in the field of environmental protection, such as sustainable development indicators, life cycle assessment (LCAS) and corporate social (CSR) reports, have also constantly impacted our attention

consumer goods companies are constantly improving their sustainable development plans. Following the launch of packaging bottles containing 30% bio based materials in 2009, Coca Cola announced at the press conference held at the end of 2012 that it would choose drink bottles made of 100% bio based materials from three companies, van renter, gewo and evantim. In addition, many consumer goods companies have won the DuPont innovative packaging award for their excellent performance in environmental protection packaging

recycling renewable materials is an important part of sustainable packaging. Earthbundfarms, for example, is already using packaging made of 100% recycled PET. In terms of recycling, POLYFLOW has developed a new waste treatment technology, which can convert waste rubber and plastic products into various polymer monomers and solvents

in addition to the packaging itself, multifilm packaging also plans to enter the renewable energy market to meet consumers' needs for corporate ethics and economic benefits. The Illinois based soft film manufacturer announced that it would use geothermal energy to cool its production lines and raise or lower the temperature of its plants. Local utilities have become the first users of this renewable energy

counterfeit products have nowhere to hide

counterfeit products first appeared in the 1990s. Up to now, they have not stopped, but have become increasingly fierce. Nowadays, fake products are enough to confuse the fake with the real. Many people have heard of fake leather bags, shoes and other products. But in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, counterfeit products are very dangerous

in 2010, counterfeit Lipitor and procrit entered the US pharmaceutical market. Superb replication technology has brought serious threats to human life and health. According to the world, 2. The hardness tester itself will produce two kinds of errors: 1. The error caused by the deformation and movement of its parts; 2. The error caused by the hardness parameter exceeding the specified standard. The WHO estimates that the annual output value of counterfeit drugs is about US $32billion, but what is more serious is that they will threaten people's lives

the serial number and tracking equipment on the drug package are one of the means to combat counterfeit drugs. Other effective means include shrinking and stretching films, holograms, security inks and fibers, electronic goods anti-theft (theft) systems and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. In particular, holographic images are the best way to identify products

transfer sales products refer to those that should have been sold to fixed channels, such as hair salons, whose products are sold through unauthorized channels at low prices. In fact, transfer sales is not illegal, unless there is fraud in the sales process, and the tracking function of packaging can solve this problem well

new sunshine company, which specializes in selling high-end sunscreen products, uses RFID tags on the packaging of packaging bottles to avoid the transfer of products. Nanotechnology can also protect and track brands in another form. In theory, people can use nanotechnology to print encrypted codes on valuables as small as capsules in order to track every product

food safety does not relax

the global food safety initiative (GFSI), established in 2000, is an independent non-profit international organization, which advocates fundamentally solving food safety problems. In 2012, American food producers began to participate in the organization's certification. At the beginning of 2011, the United States passed the food safety Modernization Act, which established the recall right of Zhongwang owned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide a series of services, including vehicle shape design, material structure design, aluminum body production line design, simulation analysis, sample vehicle production and so on

the bill shifts the focus of food safety from identifying pollutants that have penetrated into the supply chain to avoid pollution from the source. The concept of full recall has also been replaced by prevention first. And food packaging is the top priority

RFID tags attract attention

2006~2007 was a watershed of RFID technology. At that time, the fact of iron has proved that high-cost technology may not bring ideal results to people. However, with the outbreak of the financial crisis, RFID technology has once again won people's trust

of course, not all the news is bad news. Wal Mart dispelled people's doubts about RFID technology through its success in asset management. In 2006, with the emergence of sleep technology, active RFID tags embedded with power supply devices also came into people's attention

convenient packaging is the king

everyone wants to make their life simpler. Taking cooking as an example, people hope to achieve rapid preparation, simple cooking, easy cleaning, easy storage, easy carrying and easy opening. Fortunately, many companies have responded to this demand of consumers and introduced a series of improvements to simplify people's lives

for example, in 2012, the American sugar company replaced the original paper and paperboard packaging with chain clamp cartons for the first time. This new packaging box is composed of a plastic box and a zipper, so it is very easy to open and close

great ability of drug packaging

drug packaging has made many improvements in recent years to improve patients' dependence on drugs. In the past 20 years, the compliance health Packaging Association has published 8 research reports to prove that the packaging function helps emergency patients take prescription drugs correctly and effectively. Packaging with date marks is a typical example

at present, the packaging options that can help patients take medicine also include: injection molding packaging boxes that can hold multiple tablets, such as the packaging used for oral contraceptives; Injection molded blister packaging; Molded thin rigid plastic shell; Intelligent medicine bottle with timer, lamp or buzzer; Self supporting blister packaging with medication instructions; Pressure sensitive label with prompt function

smart packaging shows its skill

printed electronics are some circuit boards printed with conductive silver ink, usually with a speaker. Most consumers can recognize printed electronics through the speaking function or music information when the greeting card is opened. And printed electronic products such as RFID tags are always looking for more novel packaging methods

in order to ensure the safety of food and electronic products, many manufacturers use time and temperature functions on product packaging. Some special sensors can also detect whether the product is under unsafe ambient temperature when processing films and labels

of course, this technology also has some interesting applications. Beverage bottle labels or aluminum can antibacterial materials are indispensable. Thermochromic ink on a material can remind consumers whether the beverage is cool or suitable for drinking. Another example is the temperature monitoring label used by Dewey on the packaging carton of baking soda, which can remind consumers to replace the deodorant for the refrigerator in time

with the popularity of intelligence in the world, they play an increasingly important role in combating fake and shoddy products. Many currently have QR code processing functions. Through the iPhone's camera function, consumers can take a specific QR code first, and then download it to view relevant coupons, product instructions, educational and entertainment information, recipes and other useful information

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