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Packedge: efficient and automatic trap processing tool (Part 1)

as we all know, in the production process of packaging printing materials, due to mechanical equipment, materials, processes and other reasons, there are often different degrees of inaccurate chromaticity, resulting in unsightly white leakage and other printing quality problems. In order to alleviate or make up for this quality problem, we often set "trapping" or "trapping" in the process of prepress design and production to minimize the inaccuracy of overprint

at present, many software have trapping function, but the function is not very strong. It can only be set simply, and in many cases, it needs to be set manually. In the process of using many software, the author thinks that packedge of Esko graphics has a very powerful function in trapping processing. This paper briefly introduces the high-speed automatic trapping function of packedge software

(I) comparison of trapping processing functions

1. Trapping processing function of traditional prepress software

at present, most of the traps in the prepress processing process adopt the automatic trapping function and options of the software, or deal with trapping manually. Whether it is the automatic trapping function in common software or manual processing, it is only to deal with some common simple trapping situations. However, we often encounter some complex situations in daily production, as shown in Figure 1 (for schematic purposes, the color contrast is large)

as shown in Figure 1a, the arc and parallelogram are special at the junction with the cyan rectangle. If the trapping treatment is not carried out, once the chromaticity is not correct, the result is as shown in Figure 1D, resulting in white leakage, so trapping treatment must be carried out. If we only carry out the conventional trapping treatment according to Fig. 1b, once the color overprint is inaccurate, the results shown in Fig. 1C will appear. Obviously, although the white leakage caused by inaccurate chromaticity can be solved, the Yellow object is no longer the change trend of the original image at the critical point of the Yellow arc and parallelogram object and the cyan rectangular object cabinet. The yellow part added for trapping has a sudden change with the original part, and it feels that the arc is not round, and the oblique line segment has become a broken line segment. Obviously, in order to prevent the above-mentioned adverse results caused by incorrect overprinting after trapping, the trapping treatment in Figure 1E must be adopted, that is, during the Yellow trapping treatment, the extension part should maintain the change trend of the original object. Once the trapping is not on time, the results shown in Figure 1F can be obtained, so that the circle and line segment maintain the original effect

traditional software can also manually make the above special traps one by one, but in actual production, these special places may not be noticed at all, or there are many places that need similar trapping, resulting in a large number of cumbersome operations or omissions

2。 Packedge's trapping processing function

packedge's development engineers have considered trapping processing in many special cases. In order to improve the production efficiency, the trapping treatment under special circumstances has been changed to simply setting or selecting the corresponding options, which can be automatically completed by the software without manual inspection or modification one by one

Matching detection: hydrostatic strength test, melt activity rate

(1) the setting of end caps option

is shown in the trapping treatment in Figure 1a, which can be completed in packedge through the setting of end caps option in Figure 2

when the square option is set, when trapping the object, regardless of the shape of the original object, the trapping part extends into the background color in a rectangular form; When set to the objecl dependent option, Trapping part along Figure 2 Pack [dge production end cap day option setting the shape of the original object is extended, so that the trapping part forms a whole with the original object; when set to the round option, the result of the trapping treatment is not the Yellow arc and parallel originally to be extended. Because this room has good experimental inspection conditions for hydraulic and air-conditioning accessories, it is disassembled and inspected. It is found that the plunger has serious corrosion, the inner surface of the slide valve sleeve has corrosion and rust spots, forming a damping quadrilateral object to cyan The rectangle expands early, but it is cyan at the critical place of the two, but as people 1. Unscrew the oil return valve and improve the quality of life, the rectangular object shrinks inward and forms an arc-shaped transition at the non shrinking place, so as to make the two objects move away and prevent the chromaticity from overlapping on time. Users can choose according to their needs

(to be continued)

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